An opening conference held on the project ‘Boosting the competitiveness of the KIRCEK d.o.o. (Ltd.) company through development and diversification of its production capacity’.

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An opening conference related to the Project ‘Boosting the Competitiveness of KIRCEK d.o.o. (Ltd.) through the Development and Diversification of Its Production Capacity’ was held at the Company's business premises on Monday, 24th October 2016. Dragutin Gotić, Managing Director and Project Manager greeted the attendees, emphasising the importance of the project implementation for further development of the Company and of keeping up with industry trends. He pointed out that this was a 12-month project to be carried out within the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 - 2020’ from 22nd April 2016 to 22nd April 2017. The total project value is HRK 10,101,481.23. The European Regional Development Fund provides HRK 3,650,966.49, and the Company the remaining HRK 6,450,514.74 for its [...]